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MC Armor - Miguel Caballero

Bulletproof Vest & Everyday Bulletproof Clothing

You want a vest that protects you, and you will wear it every day because it is comfortable and not bulky like most vests. Well, the MC Armor vests are just that. In fact, these vests are so thin and light that you can wear the tank top version under a T-shirt without anyone knowing you have a bulletproof vest on underneath it while maintaining protection from a 44 magnum handgun. This vest offers protection where you want it with no extra weight or material in areas you don’t need or want it.  You can get all this protection in a lightweight state-of-the-art vest, jacket and even have something tailor-made for you to meet your needs and desires.  In today’s world, having bulletproof clothing is no longer uncomfortable or even noticeable to that you have it on.  You would be surprised with the people that wear these vests, including celebrities, 18 presidents, and many more!

For a vest to fit correctly, it should cover down to your navel and no further. This allows you freedom of movement with complete coverage of your vital organs. A bulletproof vest needs to be just the right size. You want a vest that will protect all the areas that need protection, but you don’t want a bulky vest weighing you down or restricting movement. 

If you are a Police Officer, medic, EMS, or have a job where you need to attach things to your uniform, then the Tactical Vest is a great choice. It is useful, modular, and affordable. The tactical Vest can even carry our level IV ceramic ballistic plates.

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