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Gunsmithing Services

Gunsmith Price List

Please note all prices reflect labor only unless otherwise specified. Prices & wait times are estimates subject to change dependent on project requirements. We will contact you if the cost exceeds your original quote.

Basic Gunsmithing:
Generally completed within one week or less with good customer communication.

Basic field strip, clean, and lubricate. Includes a safety & function check.

  • Handguns: $25
  • Long Gun: $35

Sonic Cleaning: additional $20 will be added to Quick Clean Price.
Includes an in-depth cleaning with complete disassembly, cleaning, sonic bath, oiling, re-assembly, and a safety function check.

Suppressor Cleaning: $150

Sight Install:

  • Install Sight (One Dovetail): $25
  • Install Sights (pair): $40

Optics & Red Dots: Includes Boresight:

  • Mount Reflex / Red Dot: $25
  • Precision Scope (Base, Rings, Optic): $50

Muzzle Devices:

  • Install: $40
    (Indexing & timing included. Rocksett is included if the device is a QD suppressor mount.) 

AR Platforms:

  • Build Upper: $50
  • Build Lower: $50
  • Install Trigger: $35
  • Install Free Float Handguard: $70
  • Swap Barrels (and Headspace): $75
  • Install Castle Nut & Stake: $35

Striker Fire Pistols:

  • Install Trigger Kit: $50

Hammer Fire Pistols & Revolvers:

  • Trigger Job: $150
    (Lightening the trigger)
  • Action Job: $125
    (Polishing & Honing the friction surfaces)
  • Action & Trigger Job: $225
  • Polish feed ramp: $50
  • Install Spring Kit: $40

Diagnostic Gunsmithing: Generally completed within one to two weeks.  If longer will be discussed with the customer prior.
Shop Rates:
Minimum of a half-hour charge.
General Labor Rate: $65 per hour

Safety & Function:

  • Test Fire: $20
  • Headspace, Safety & Function Check: $40
  • Headspace, Safety & Function Check, Test Fire: $50


Wait Times:

We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Conditions and Exclusions:
We reserve the right to refuse any work. This includes but is not limited to the deactivation of safety features, any work on “Forced Reset” triggers of any kind, Non-serialized 80% lowers or frames, or any illegally modified firearms.
If test-firing is required, it will only be performed using factory-loaded non-steel core ammunition! 

When dropped off, all Class III NFA Weapons / Title II Firearms MUST be accompanied by a copy of the appropriate paperwork, I.E. (Tax Stamp).

Firearms not claimed within 30 DAYS of customer notification will incur a STORAGE FEE of $15 per month.