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Learn More about Bulletproof Vest

Choosing the Right Armor

The proper fitting of a bulletproof vest should cover down to your navel and no further. We offer vests rated at level IIIA for humans and K-9, which will protect you from everything from a BB gun to a .44 magnum. Our vests protect you from being stabbed by knives, razor blades, shanks, ice picks, and other sharp weapons. We also stock plate carriers and plates up to level IV that can be worn in conjunction with a soft level IIIA vest to stop rifle rounds. We have active shooter kits, restraints, body lights, bulletproof backpacks, and much more. From bulletproof vest to riot gear, we have you covered. Please stop by and let us help you get fitted for the protection you need!

Some of the Armor we carry!

Dependable soft bulletproof vests, tactical vests, and body armor with side protection for human and K-9 use. Bulletproof shields, riot shields, riot gear, and much more.

Soft and hard armor made from AR500 steel. Plate carriers and accessories for people on the frontlines with the most treacherous of jobs.