Florida Concealed Carry classes at our training center on Merritt Island in Brevard County.

Florida Concealed Carry Course (CCW Course)

Course Description

WJS Guns offers Florida Concealed Carry classes at our training center in Merritt Island.  

The class meets all the education requirement for the Florida CCW permit. Once you take the class, you apply for your permit at the Brevard County Tax Collectors Office or the Department of Agriculture Office and your permit arrives by mail in about 2 weeks.  

Common Questions about Florida CCW and our class:

What does your class include?

Our class covers basic handgun safety, practical considerations for concealed carry, and a brief overview of the lawful use of force and Florida concealed carry statues. The class consists of in classroom training and live fire at the gun range.  This course meets all Concealed Carry ‘education’ requirement for Florida and you will receive a certificate to be used with your CCW application.

How does your class differ from others?

The WJS Guns Concealed Carry class is just the what you need to get your CCW permit. This lets us keep your cost low so that you can spend extra money on more advanced instruction, towards your carry gun, practice ammo, or other things. We do not provide photos, background checks, or fingerprints.  

What do I do to get my Permit after the class?

There are 2 ways to apply for a Florida Concealed Carry permit.

  1. You can apply by mail in which case you must submit photos and fingerprints along with your class certificate. By mail, permits normally take 30-90 days to process.
  2. You can apply in person at participating Department of Agriculture Field Offices. In this case, you only need your certificate as the Agriculture Office will take your photo and fingerprints as part of the process. Permits applied for in person are normally processed and delivered by mail within 14 days.  

How much does the Concealed Carry Permit cost?

To figure the cost of your permit, be sure to include both the cost of your CCW class and the Florida permit application fees (which are not collected during a class). For those who use our class, your cost is $65 to WJS Guns and then $97 at the Department of Agriculture for a total cost of $162.00.This total consists three separate fees: (all fees subject to change without notice)

  1. WJS Course Fee: $65
  2. License Fee: $55
  3. Fingerprint Processing Fee: $42   

Are there exceptions to the Class requirement?

The most common exception is for current and prior members of the US Armed Forces and law enforcement. For military, a current military ID is all that is required. For separated and retired service members, the DD214 can be used. In either case, we recommend you still seek out some type of CCW training as there is a lot more to concealed carry than is taught in typical military gun qualification. 

 No ammunition is allowed in the classroom lock it in your car we will get it when needed. 

Price and Availability

Classes are held on different days throughout the week and weekends.  Classes are limited to 20 people, so please click the link to reserve your seat in a class now.  Reserve classes online as well as by contacting us or calling (321) 735-9842 and press option three.

Current Rates:

  • Standard Class $65 Per Student
  • Priority Class $85 Per Student
  • Private One on One Class $115
  • Groups Call For Rate and Scheduling