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BulletSafe Products

Bulletproof Vest to Riot Gear

You want a vest that protects your sides, as well as the front and rear of your body, don’t you? Well, the BulletSafe vests do just that. This vest offers protection where you want it with no extra weight or material in areas you don’t need or want it.

For a vest to fit correctly, it should cover down to your navel and no further. This allows you freedom of movement with complete coverage of your vital organs. A bulletproof vest needs to be just the right size. You want a vest that will protect all the areas that need protection, but you don’t want a bulky vest weighing you down or restricting movement. BulletSafe vests are sized just right so that they protect your front, back, and sides, while still allowing a full range of motion.

Someday you may want to upgrade your vest to NIJ Level III or IV protection, and to get there; you’ll need to install some armor plates. Pockets on the front and rear of the vest will be required to upgrade your vest fully. BulletSafe bulletproof vest comes with pockets sewn onto the front and back of the vest, and armor plates are available that fit perfectly into these pockets, increasing your level of protection. BulletSafe’s armor plates upgrade the BulletSafe vest from Level IIIA to Level IV protection.

You may not want to upgrade right away, but why buy a vest without pockets? Choose the BulletSafe vest the first time, and you’ll be ready no matter what comes your way and no matter what level of protection you need.

If you are a Police Officer, medic, EMS, or have a job where you need to attach things to your uniform, then the Tactical Front Carrier is a great choice. It is useful, modular, and affordable. The tactical carrier replaces the concealable carrier that all BulletSafe vests have standard. The installation of the tactical front carrier is a breeze. First, remove the body armor from the front carrier of your vest. Then install the armor panel into the Tactical Front Carrier. Now, use the Tactical Front Carrier in place of your standard carrier. It’s that easy, and you can switch back to the concealable design whenever you want.

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